God, The Universe and Babies

We woke to our first layer of snow this morning. It’s a little blanket, teeny tiny, but the kids are excited.

In their excitement they initiated a whole conversation about Mother Nature.

Sophie said she must have thought we really needed some snow. Grace thinks it was thrown down upon on us with her magic. Soph also shared with me that Mother Nature has, “Brown up hair and beautiful brown skin.” Her words exactly. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to picture her another way, Mother Nature that is.

A few weeks ago when getting ready for bed, Grace asked me about God and why he decided to send her and her sister to me. I told her what I always say, that He knew that I needed babies and decided that they’d be the right girls for me. We talked about how we don’t need our bodies in heaven and she surprised me when she said she remembered God.

“Is he the one in the red shirt and blue pants?”

I asked her if she thought that was God, in the red shirt and blue pants? After a moment of careful contemplation she said, “Yes. Yes, that was Him.”

My mom has always said that babies and children are closer to God than adults, and that when you watch the new ones reaching for something or babbling with far away looks, they are talking to Him (or maybe to the angels). It would make sense if we are going with the assumption that we are all spirits sent here from a far away place. Some call it heaven, others call it the universe.

I am not a religious girl, but I totally believe this. I believe in my daughters’ images of the people in the heavens. But maybe Grace is a little off on God’s outfit of choice since it has been four years since she was born? Seems a little plain for God. With any experience, the longer we’re away, the hazier our memories, right? Who really knows?

I was raised in church with God and Jesus and Mary. I’ve had some of the lessons in Christianity challenged by life, and have found a more palpable kind of religion (through yoga mainly) that has made the universe’s power more real and attainable.

I still believe what I’d been taught and I know there is a God. But I also like the idea that He’s sitting next to Buddha and the mythelogical God’s and Goddesses and they are all in on it together. In unity for the cause called, “Human Life on Earth.”

It’s better to believe in something, they say, or you’ll fall for anything.

Watch a new baby if you need convincing.

The tiniest snowball
She made her escape to the outdoors before I could bundle her up.
This might be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Dear Mother Nature, please send these children some real snow!

8 thoughts on “God, The Universe and Babies

  1. I love my new routine…Morning cup of coffee and Running in Mommyland! Love your stories, they make me feel so much closer to you.

    1. Thanks! They can be very sweet and sometimes they can be gigantic monsters! I’m sure when they are grown I’ll wish they were four again!

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