Are You My Sister?

My sister  found me almost exactly one year ago. I’ve been wanting to write a post about it to put up on our anniversary (eight days from today), but I can’t wait.

Brian took a whole bunch of flip video the first night we spoke. I was a mess; crying and laughing the entire time. How one should act when their birth sister finds them after a fourteen year search (for her) and a lifetime of wondering (for me) is not written in a manual.

I decided to post this part of the footage because I find it amusing that during the first conversation with my big sister, I talked about running, and my troublesome left foot.

The rest of the conversation was all over the place. There was no question without an answer, lots of comparisons about body parts head to toes, and crazy joy and happiness.

I love my Gabby.

I’m so happy to have her.

She’s changed my whole life.

4 thoughts on “Are You My Sister?

  1. I am so blessed to have you sissy….I always hear sweet Peachie’s gentle voice saying to me “Oh sweetheart you have found your sister” in response to my 2 minutes with a thousand rambling words trying to explain I am searching for my baby sister. ❤

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