What’s Old is New Again

I felt motivated enough to get dressed today after my eight (that turned into nine) mile run. At pick-up, lots of other mom’s must have had the same sense as I, the weather is practically Spring-like and it was a great day to make the effort.

When I do get dressed, it’s basically this pair of Genetic’s or that, which is fine, but getting tired. Such boredom leads to Internet surfing where I came across these Joe’s for Spring and a bevy of other printed denim skinnies.

Apparently what was old is new again, because I owned and wore these pants twenty-nine years ago in the eighth grade. Mine were made by Guess and the leopard pattern was in different shades of blue. They also had zippers at the ankles, which seemed very new circa 1983. How I loved those pants!

Joe's Jeans High Water in Leopard $165.00

I’m not sure if I could wear these again or if even I should?

Would I?

Do I dare?

The temptation is almost too much.


Current/Elliot's Neon Leopard $246
Siwy Abbeylee Zip Crop in Meow $195.00. Sophie likes these the best!
AG's Stilt in Tie Dye Dusty Pink $176.00. Grace's pick. If you knew her you wouldn't be surprised.

6 thoughts on “What’s Old is New Again

  1. DON’T DO IT! (Says the fashion conservative…. my most risky fashion pieces are limited to belts and necklaces, so what do I know?)

    If you think you can pull it off, go for it! I know I’d never get away with it! 🙂 I can’t believe that’s back in style!

    1. I bought a pair of Juicy zippered jeans a few years ago and they have been folded in my closet ever since, never worn! Also, I’m not sure a 40 year old should wear leopard jeans…it was cute at 13 though! 🙂

  2. The only thing that stops us from carrying off any fashion is lack of confidence. If you feel confident it will work. As an artist I’m expected to be a bit “out there” so I think I get away with more than I should for a 47 year old! I still wear short skirts (I have great legs, why not?) and rock chick jeans and have just dyed my hair a purply shade of red! I feel great about myself, so what the heck.

    My advice? Be brave and GO FOR IT!

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