Girl On Fire Nails

I was talking to Sophie about painting my nails bright pink with red flames for the race, as an homage to Katniss (Girl on Fire) from the Hunger Games; both as inspiration to keep me going and as a “thank you” for helping me through so many long runs.

These are much prettier than what I imagined…. love them!


Our Valentine edition continues – today we wanted to try a nail art design that wasn’t all about flowers and heart, but something that can be done in any colour and still look great all year around. The gobstopper nail, or the layered ruffian is our latest favourite. This design looks great ombred so we used a v-day palette to go with our theme.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nail with Sally Hansen – Presto Pink. This colour is a perfect pop of pink to begin our look that won’t get lost with the addition of different shades.

Step 2: Using American Apparel – Angeline, a deeper hot pink, paint a ruffian design over your base colour. Start at the far side of the nail and try to drag the polish in one swift motion to the opposite side  – this helps create a perfectly curved line. We used the…

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2 thoughts on “Girl On Fire Nails

  1. You are a hoot!… Love that you are planing “nail boosters” for race day… You are cerebral.. You have thought it through and know what it’s going to take to keep you moving! I’m in your back pocket girl…!!! you are gonna do it! and I’m right along for the ride…xoxxo

  2. Love it!

    Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the 11 Random Things. Don’t feel obligated to do it but it was kind of fun!

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