Gear Goodies for January

I have been lamenting the fact that I’ve turned into one of those moms who pick their kids up from school in sweat pants, wet hair up in a pony bun, and Ugg boots. It’s tragic actually, much worse than moms in mommy clothes; leggings, flats, and cute tunic sweaters. At least they are put together.

The hours when the children are in the care of their teachers are spent running. Once back home, there’s only time to shower quickly and throw on something before racing out the door again to return to the germ factory known as The Three’s Room.

Maybe it would be better to pick them up in my gear? I do love my gear, but I like being clean much more. Not to mention it’s a health issue, as wet running pants (no matter how wicky) are not good for girlie parts.

Here are some of my recent favorites:

Lululemon Switch Back Pullover. I was almost as excited about seeing Indigo Blue in the stores as I was seeing Paris Pink.
Yogitoes Lululemon Towel. I've needed a towel for a while, but my Manduka is a deep red and the indigo inkblot would be perfect. It sounds crazy, but I've been looking for a towel that wouldn't clash with my mat for better Om's!
Aspaeris Pivot Shorts. They look like bike shorts, but are actually two pairs fused together with the inner short being all about compression. They are made specifically for women and have been raved about on a bunch of blogs! I think this picture is cute and I like the red, but don't think I'm brave enough to pull them off. My bloggy friend Kathy at was brave enough, and looks adorable in her red ones too!
Under Armour Boy Short. I have these in bright pink. They don't cause wedgie issues like a lot of underpants I've run in.
Kaenon Zaza glasses. My beloved Zeal Optics (Orbs) are tired and need to be replaced. I love these Kaenon's but can't decide on the black or the tortoise. Thoughts?
Foam Roller. I need one. Everyone raves about them.
black compression socks
Running Skirts Compression Socks. I've worn these on my last two long runs, under my tights for added warmth. I can't say enough great things about them. They are pricey, but so worth it. I especially like that they are taller than my Zensahs, which have been demoted to strictly recovery wear.
Sennheiser/adidas® PMX 680. I bought these in March and have loved them! I'm not sure what happened, but they stopped working and I've been suffering with my iPhone ear buds, which are truly awful. I considered Yurbuds, but really liked having a neck holder so the buds don't fall out. I think I'm going to just replace the Sennheiser and hope the next pair last.

Happy Running!

17 thoughts on “Gear Goodies for January

  1. I am so guilty of mommy clothes so I know what you mean. I also work from home so there really is not reason to dress nicely anymore. Sad. Love Lululemon. I could live in their clothes if I could afford to buy all of them. Definitely get a foam roller. Best $25 I’ve ever spent. Makes a huge difference in recovery. I received a pair of Yurbuds for Christmas. I wasn’t sure about them at first but LOVE them. Can’t imagine running without them now. If you do get them, just be sure to take the time to adjust them properly and they fit like a glove.

    1. Thanks for replying! Interesting about the Yurbuds! I have got to make a decision because I won’t be able to race in the iPhone ones.
      p.s. Lululemon has pretty good sales if you are near a store. You just have to go in a lot to catch them!

  2. I want all of this stuff! Especially new sunglasses – the ones I have always fog up when I’m running. Probably because they’re not really made for running.

    1. I never ran with sunglasses, but now after trying Zeal Optics (which are made for exercise but don’t look so weird, like usual fitness glasses do). They barely ever fog up…it’s like having a mask on against the elements! Highly recommend!

    1. LLL performs really well, but once you start it becomes an addiction! No more running clothes for me for a while! I need real clothes! 🙂

  3. I love compression socks, too! It took me years to try them, and now I can’t imagine going without. I’m also one of those throw-on-whatever moms, and I’m okay with it. But since moving to the south, I’ve realized moms here really dress up! So I’m trying to be a little more aware, for others’ sake. : )

  4. I have had a foam roller for a while, but this weekend at an expo I got me “the stick ” which I’m liking better cause you have more control over the pressure applied to the muscles. Also ran my first race with compression socks and it was instant love, so getting a pair of those with the heart would be quite appropriate.

    1. I bought a roller today and the lady at the store showed me the stick too. It’s a pretty fancy stick, I was expecting a wooden rod or something! Am excited to do some rolling tomorrow… only a fellow runner would understand that sentence! p.s. Get those socks, I swear they are dreamy!

    1. Isn’t that so cute! The problem is that by the time I’m done working out I’m a big old sweaty mess, so my cute stuff doesn’t make it to school! P.s. My Asparis shorts came in the mail just now and my husband laughed and said one of my four year olds could wear them! Will be fun getting those suckers on! 🙂 Love your blog!

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