S.E.X. and Math

I had a feeling that week eleven’s long run would be more successful than ten’s, if only because I could manage it mathematically in my head. Six plus six plus six equaled the eighteen I would attempt; easily broken into thirds and much more manageable than seventeen.

Seventeen is more than an actual odd number. It’s odd because of its placement amongst the other numbers on the line, yes, by it’s also odd because it’s so difficult to divide; at least when traveling approximately 12.5 miles per hour (for almost four) on working and weary legs.

Almost forgetting that my last audiobook had ended, I needed to come up with a new selection for today. I settled upon the first in the True Blood series by Charlaine Harris. Since I am already a huge fan of the show, I figured it would be fun to see how the book compared, and I was more than pleasantly surprised by the words I heard through my ear buds.

That Sookie Stackhouse is even better as a written character study; deftly described, true and honest, young and real.

But it was the descriptions with her Bill that determined a new audible element quite helpful for long distance running.

Listen to a book with S.E.X.

In our house, we spell it so that it doesn’t become a conversation starter during share time at pre-school.

Who knew it could make a girl run faster, for longer, long after her legs were ready to retire?


A little Vampire Bill (and Jason Stackhouse and Sam Merlotte) helped me zone out enough to forget that my right rear glut was flaming for almost 10 miles. Was it cheating since I had actual images of them (Ryan Kwanten, et al.) to compare to the pictures that were painted in the story; Bill’s dark eyes and smoldering voice, Jason’s bod and easy conquests, Sam’s eagerness for Sookie to know how he felt about her?

No, I decided, just another motivator like Gu and skinnier legs.

Easy math, a flaming right glut, combined with the deliciousness of Vampire Bill and the boys of Bon Temps!

I almost forgot this was my longest run yet.

6 thoughts on “S.E.X. and Math

  1. I chuckled to myself because I had the EXACT same thought about the 18 miler. It’s just a six mile run three times! The nineteen miler wasn’t so bad either, even though it was an odd number, because I thought of it as 2 10 mile loops minus one mile. I ran with a friend for the 20 miler so I’m no help there.
    Congrats on getting through your longest run yet! You rock!

    1. I spoke with a friend who had a tough seventeen too. I swear it’s cause it’s a horrible number to begin with. I was thinking the same thing about 19, but at least I have an easy week coming up before I tackle that monster! Thanks for your support! You are awesome!

    1. Auntie! True Blood is a series on HBO based on a bunch of books about vampires. It takes place in Louisiana and it really campy. I got Peach to watch it and she likes it now too! We’ll have to get you the box set!

  2. The books are WAY better than the show (as they usually are), you will love them and probably never run out since there are 13! Awesome series 🙂 We need to have some serious book chats–Hunger Games and now True Blood!

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