Ellie Goulding

There’s no accounting for good taste in music.

I just returned from dropping off the hooligans and my darling Brian, who hadn’t yet left for work, wanted me to guess what he was listening to on his iPhone.

The noise was loud, too loud, and when he went to get his shoes I turned it down.

“You don’t know who this is?” he asked.

“It’s Supertramp! My work out music!”

He played something else and I didn’t recognize it either.

“Survivor!” He was all pumped up.

I realize that music speaks to people differently. I hardly ever look at the blogs where people post their playlists, because unless it’s something I’ve already heard, it’s hard for me to connect to or make a judgement about.

A few nights ago I switched to MTVU where I discovered Ellie Goulding. Apparently I am late on the Ellie Goulding bandwagon, because she was nominated for the British Critics’ Choice award way back in 2009, a year after Adele had one won.

I googled her and as it turns out, she is a runner too! She even has a running mix available on iTunes; a 30 minute compilation of her cd Lights, which was released in 2010. I love love love her! She speaks to me on a lot of levels; poetic, rhythmic, danceable, creativity in action.

Listen and enjoy! But if you can’t enjoy I completely understand! One man’s Survivor is another girl’s Ellie.

I’m partial to this one called The Writer.

2 thoughts on “Ellie Goulding

  1. I find that my taste in running music tends to be different than my taste in normal music. And I agree that there’s no way to determine why you like the music you do. It’s such a personal thing and I can like some music or songs that I never thought I would and not be able to explain why.

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