A Booky Wook

I’ve been thinking a lot about my book; the novel I’m going to begin sometime within this year.

I want to write a joint memoir, the story of my sister and me, but I’m not sure that we are ready. The story of our bond, of our separation through adoption, and the healing that came when she found me is complicated and painful and joyous.

But the story is not just ours. There are others who may be hurt by what they read. While it will not be my intention to do so, the truth can sting, especially when it reveals itself to those who don’t want to hear it; to those who don’t want to believe it.  I don’t know that I am ready to cross a bridge that’s lined with people I love; some of whom I’ve only just met.

If I know anything, it’s that timing is everything. My sister found me when the timing was right. Any sooner and I may not have been receptive. Any later and I wouldn’t have had a chance to speak to my dying birth mother.

My marathon is now eight weeks away. As my training amps up and the clock ticks closer to March 18th I realize that I must have a plan for where to go once it’s over.

I have contemplated another marathon, in fact I put my name in the pot for NYC 2012 and have pondered the idea of running San Francisco. With my body already begging for a rest, the “whole me” knows that the next challenge will have to be less physically taxing. My mind needs to set itself upon the next challenge, so that I can remain focused on the now. It’s just how I operate.

I’ve begun to imagine a story and (at night when it’s quiet) it’s begun to flesh itself out.

There is a heroine, though her name hasn’t yet appeared. Her story will not be mine. She’ll be a person all her own, but will come from the place that I have always considered home: a place called Maine.

A booky wook. The next chapter in my own life’s adventure.

6 thoughts on “A Booky Wook

    1. I think we are all the heroines of our own stories, so you are one too! A novel will be a challenge for us, because it’s hard to separate the character from the person. When I read Vendela’s book, I knew she was really good when I started caring about her character’s story. It was exciting to become engrossed in Yvonne’s story instead of just being excited by my old friend’s abilities. I really don’t want to write about me, but putting the story in Maine feels right, since we know a little something about the place! 🙂 xo

  1. I hate the feeling after a race (or really after anything I’ve been looking foward to or working toward is over). What now?

    I think writing a novel is a really good “what now” because you can still do that, work on it whenever inspiration hits, and do marathons in between! You aren’t on any particular schedule (at least until publishers get involved).

    1. I have a feeling marathon running is going to become like pregnancy and child birth…a real pain, which is forgotten soon after!

      My gosh…when I think about publisher’s getting involved…that is scarier than 26.2 miles!

  2. I started writing a novel years ago, never got very far. My heroine was Chelsea Winthrop, which was the first exit out of the Sumner tunnel. Sumner was a character also.Funny memory. Can’t wait to read yours. Know it’ll be great!

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