Until I ran my first half marathon, I had no idea that a split was anything other than a trick performed by gymnasts and very happy, limber ladies.

Splits have another meaning especially important to runners; they are the minutes it takes to run a mile (or a lap on a track).

I’ll be honest here, I’m not usually very proud of my splits. They are often embarrassingly long and slow; a true reflection of my time on the road.

But my splits from yesterday’s seven miles looked pretty good. Even with a turtles’ start, my last three miles were between 11 and 11.3; fast for me.

Possibly the reason I sped up the second half of the run. I had been kept company by the moon for most of the morning, but then I saw this and I sped right up!

Is it possible that the missed runs from sickness and recovery have actually helped my time or was it the greeting by the sun that pushed me on to quicker speeds?

Tomorrow’s long run will be another test.

Until then…

6 thoughts on “Splits

  1. They say you should shoot for negative splits. Theoretically if your second half of a run is faster than the first, you have paved yourself well :). Good luck tomorrow!

    1. When I ran my first half, my girlfriend clocked our pace and was excited that we ran negative splits the entire second half of the race. I’ll see what happens tomorrow. Good luck to you too! BIG weekend!

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