Husband in Training

Grace shuffled in at 1 a.m. with her footsie pajamas trailing behind her and her underpants around her ankles.

“Mom,” she said, “the pee won’t come out.”

I followed her into the bathroom where I watched her scoot atop the potty. She was so far forward that her little tush wasn’t over the hole, making it impossible to go. I pushed her farther back, but there was still no sound.

I whispered, “Listen,” as I turned on the faucet.  Voila’, she peed!

As I snuggled her back into bed I thought about potty training. Her first night out of diapers she wet the bed, but immediately realized she’d had enough of that funny business. Every night  after that she would wake me to tell me she had to go. Only recently has she started the night-time ritual on her own. Her sister took a bit longer to get trained and the plastic sheet stayed on her bed a few more weeks, but overall, potty training my kids was easy.

From potty training to marathon training, I began to think about my upcoming fifteen mile run on Saturday and how it won’t be bearable without an audiobook. I’ve visited iTunes a hundred times and have settled on The Hunger Games, but it’s $26.00 price tag has made it difficult for my finger to press download.

The younger Martha would have had no problem pushing that button, listening to it once and then sending it to the trash to save room in my iPod. The younger and very single Martha used to go grocery shopping with no qualms about the price of milk or yogurt or ice cream or chicken. The married Martha has gotten used to questioning the cost of the little things.

I have been wife trained without even knowing it!

After almost seven years of marriage, Brian’s frugality and deep held belief that we have much more than we need, was not something that I accepted had rubbed off onto me at all.

As Grace began to doze, her breathing soft and deep, I pondered what influence I’ve had on my dear husband. As I sit here and write, I still remain uncertain. What deep held beliefs of mine has he adopted? If I can’t think of any, does it mean that he doesn’t really love me? Does it mean that I picked wrong?

Maybe it’s not that complicated.

Maybe husband training is simply like potty training in boys; they take a lot longer, but eventually get it, which makes mommy’s life much easier. You just have to trust it will happen and try not to give up.

5 thoughts on “Husband in Training

  1. I refuse the price tag of audiobooks too so I am checking them out from the library, downloading them on to my iPod, and then will send them to the trash later. Free. Although it would probably be hard to get Hunger Games in time for tomorrow.

    1. I just signed up for You pay $7.95 a month and get a credit for one book. After that you can buy books like you would on iTunes, but they have all kinds of promotions where books are even less expensive. I figure $8.00 is way better than $26!
      I need to check with my library, because last time I asked they didn’t have anything on DVD (or downloadable). Isn’t that crazy!

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