My First Fourteen

Last night I stood at the pink lamp and bent into a forward fold waiting for both girls to finish their books. Sophie was a bit wound up and decided to read like her sister instead of rolling over to sleep.

I should have known that planned enlightenment would be disturbed by my Sophie, who can’t resist spontaneous yoga.

In a flash she was out of the bed and before I knew it the three of us were in head stands against the closet doors. It soon became a free for all, so I moved away and watched little legs swing up, bellies protrude forward and legs crash back down.

The determination to get upside down makes the ease of the transition more like a race.

Gathering them back to their sleep spots felt a lot like sheep herding. Eventually they were tucked back under the blankets and fast asleep in less than two minutes.

A four miler is on the agenda for today, although I wonder if tomorrow would be better. My left glute flared up a little at the end of my mid-week seven yesterday and my calf muscles are tight, probably from tip toeing it up the hills.

Saturday is my first fourteen miler. I’ve never run that far and am feeling anxious, but excited. During yesterday’s run I realized at about six that I must have a “book on tape.” It’s the only way I’m going to ward of the boredom.

The question is, what do I want?

I’m wavering between Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop suggestion of Dr. Dyer’s Excuses Begone, and the novel, The Help. I paged through The Help at Target one day, and although it’s gotten good reviews, I’m not sure I’m that excited to read/listen to it.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


12 thoughts on “My First Fourteen

  1. I’m doing my longest run and 14 this weekend too! I wanted to do 15 last weekend, but it didn’t happen. I just read The Help and it was good, it would probably be good as an audiobook because the story is told from different perspectives, so I’m assuming they would use different voices. I also just finished the Hunger Games series which as totally gripping and I could not put it down.

  2. Thanks Lori! Maybe Hunger Games should be the choice for this weekend! I’ll think about you during the 14! Have a great run!

  3. I read the Hunger Games and The Help, too. I’d go with the Hunger Games. I just really didn’t get into The Help. Another great book that I recently read was The American Wife. Really, really good! Good luck on your 14 miler!

    1. I’m thinking the Hunger Games might be it! Will look into The American Wife too.
      Thanks for the feedback! It’s super helpful!!!

  4. We just listened to South of Broad by Pat Conroy. LOved it. so did Pig. yeally great story about reconnecting with highschool friends. Tho these are friends like you never heard of… xoxo

  5. It was great. I managed to run a little more than 14 and I could have probably gone farther. I’m still freaked out by the 20 and ultimate 26.2, but listening to a book helped. I was going to write about my book choice tomorrow, once I regain brain cells. I ended up picking a novel that was written by a girl I grew up with. It was great!
    Can you believe you are almost to the end of training? Are you enjoying the taper? I just checked your schedule…next week will be like a dream!!!!

    1. No i honestly can’t believe its almost done. I have so little mileage the next two weeks I’m not sure what to do with myself. A word to the wise on the 20 miler – don’t think about it until you have to start preparing for it, and either find a good audiobook or friend to run with you. I dreaded that run all through training for nothing as it turned out to be the best long run I had all the way through!
      Once you get through the training being part of the race alone will help you get through the marathon -people cheering, other runners. I can’t promise it isn’t going to hurt (because it probably will) but it will be easier than you think!

    1. Thanks so much! And yes…the book on ipod thing really changes the long runs into a more enjoyable time!

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