Mommyland To Do List

After a food and wine filled weekend in Virginia, I decided to get back to the plan yesterday.

I had neglected an entire list of Mommyland chores the week prior, so yesterday was an exercise in diligence. I checked off each to do box, one after another, and felt a little more in control of my situation by the time the girls went to sleep last night.

One of my goals for the day was to do some juicing. I am in desperate need of vegetables and nutrients in my diet, and since I lack the gene necessary for interesting and delicious cooking, juicing gets it done. Plus, the girls like to help me, so I feel like they are getting a lesson in healthy living.

Sorry about the fuzzy photos, something’s up with the camera.

Kid and Kale
Cucumber, kale, celery, beets and apples.

My race is now 16 weeks away. I went back to look over Hal Higdon’s plans and have decided that Novice 2 is where I should be. I am jumping in at week 3, which is fairly easy with the long run at only 6 miles. Yesterday I logged 3.5, and will attempt 5 today. It’s pouring rain right now, so maybe mom will watch the girls this afternoon so I can go. I’m dying to get to Jen’s vinyasa tomorrow while the kids are at school. I hate to play favorites (I really do love each and every Evolve teacher), but Jen’s class is the perfect mix of flow, intensity, and centeredness. I’m going to try my hardest to make it there.

Yesterday’s to do list only has a few more boxes to be checked off; pay pre-school tuition, finish unpacking and fold the enormous pile of laundry.  There will be a few moments of gratification when it’s done, and then I’ll probably sigh.

Before that occurs, though, as inevitably happens, the next list has begun to write itself. The tree needs its ornaments, the presents I’ve already gathered need to be wrapped, and the baby jesus lights need to be untangled. December is on its way.

4 thoughts on “Mommyland To Do List

  1. My husband likes juicing. I never got into it. Unless its all fruit.

    I like higdeons novice 2 so far. It allows me to run 4 days a week and so far the long runs have been as doable as 18 miles can be :).

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