Running Dilemma’s

This morning I ran a tough 7 1/2 miles at an 11.3 (minute per mile) pace. It was too fast for me and I knew it. I had been running 25-27 miles per week before life got in the way of the plan (funny how life does that with most plans), and I haven’t been able to get the mileage higher than that. Today I got worried. 26.2 is over three times farther than I went today. It spoke to my biggest fears about the race, “What if I don’t make it all the way and have to quit?” I don’t like to go there.

I do like to write after a run, but today I had to back away and figure some stuff out.

I picked the girls up from school, went to Target (oh, the monotony of Mommyland), and came home with still unanswered questions. Here they are:

  1. Since today felt long and hard, should Sunday be an easy run? Is that a cop out? Am I being a wuss?
  2. Should I stick with my plan to run long on Sunday, maybe 10-11 miles, and try to go more slowly?
  3. Do I need to go and get a Garmin? Would it make life easier or give me more to worry about?
  4. Am I sore today because I didn’t take a rest day after yesterday’s rain run, and before that it had been a week?
  5. Do I need to add ice baths to the routine?  I’m such a baby and have avoided them for years.
 As I look at the list, I realize I have most of the answers.
  1. Yes, it’s a cop out. Some days are harder than others. Yes, I am being a wuss. Buck up, butterup!
  2. Yes, I will run long on Sunday, and I will most definitely slow down.
  3. Yes, I’m getting a Garmin. Even if it doesn’t make life easier, at least I’ll know that I tried it.
  4. Yes, I am sore because I ran a lot in two days after a week off. Again, Buck up, sister! Rest tomorrow!
  5. The dreaded ice bath, probably a good idea, but I still don’t like it.

Amazing how that worked out.

11 thoughts on “Running Dilemma’s

  1. Hello!?!?
    did you just not come off of a documented sprain?!? Your body is a finely tuned instrument. do not abuse it!!!! Give it time to heal completely. Your uncle is in a splint for a ligament tear that will take 6-12 weeks to heal… a sprain is …maybe one degree less.. go slow.. feed your repair. give it time…I’m not saying don’t run… I’m saying .. Is this a long term goal or a sprint to the finish? Are you the tortise or the hare? ….. I think You can……I think you can … I know you can…. :o)

  2. I love this post. What race are you training for? (Sorry, I just started reading your blog)

    1) Listen to your body. If it needs an easy run, run easy.
    2) Running slowly is the key to life. J/K but there is so much value to slow runs. Have you ever looked at the McMillian calculator –
    If you put in your recent time or future goal time, it will tell you what pace to run the different type of runs. When my coach gave me my assignments for my long runs, he wrote “Yes, run that slow.”
    3) Girl! A must have. Amazon is a good place. You can get a 205 for like $120
    5) Ice baths are great for overall inflammation (pushing your body longer than its gone in a while). A tip: run cold water, get in, THEN add the ice. Much less painful.

    1. Yes, yes you are right! I do need to give it time. I think, since the doctor was so nonchalant about the sprain, I felt a little silly NOT running. Re: the tortoise and the hare: great analogy. I pretty much run like the tortoise, but wish I was the hare. 🙂 Kind of the story of my life! Love you Auntie!

      Courtney! I am glad you are reading my posts! I love talking running and getting feedback from like minded gals!
      1. You are right. I need to listen more.
      2.I looked at the McMillian calculator and thought, wow, that’s really slow! I’ll go take another look at it. How did you find your coach? I need one!
      3. Researched Garmin’s last night, but I think I need to go look at at them. You like the 205?
      4. Next long run I’ll do the ice bath. I’m actually looking forward to it now!

      Thanks for all the great advice!

      1. About the Garmin 205, I’ve had like 3 of them! The price is right, and it offers all I need. Plus, I can read the numbers on the watch face without my reading glasses (which I don’t run with, obviously). The price is right on Amazon, too.

        Yes, there are fancier Garmin Forerunners out there now, but the 205 works for me!

  3. Hi!

    The first thing that popped into my head when you were talking about speed is that its not important how fast you go, whats important is that you finish! And listen to your body – you’re definitely going to have some rough days but you’ll have some kick butt days, too! If you really feel like you need a day off, take it. You’d be surprised what a day of rest can do if you really need it, but get back into the game the next day!
    I’ve never done an ice bath…..that just sounds torturous.

    I also wanted to add that I am following Hal Higdeon’s Novice 2 program for my race in January! I like it so far – I like that it allows me a long run Saturday and then Sunday to relax or do easy cross training.

    Which marathon are you doing?

    1. I know you are right about the speed and I need to adjust my thinking a bit, because I am tough on myself and sometimes expect too much. Endurance is the name of this marathoning game, so it’s good to be reminded.
      I took yesterday off, there was no doubt that I needed it. I wanted to do at least 10 miles this morning, but I decided that I’m going out without any certain mileage in mind. I’m just going to go slow and see how I feel. I wish my husband would wake up so that he could be on daughter duty and I could GO! 🙂
      Re: the marathon, I’m doing the Duke Tobacco Road Marathon in Durham, North Carolina. I am so excited!
      BTW, I don’t think I commented on the page where you wrote about the funny things your school kids say. I used to teach too (4th grade). It really is one of the best parts of the job!

  4. I’m with ya on the running coach. I’d also like to find one but have been unsuccessful which I find pretty strange here with fitness being so popular….

    1. I’m going to look into Team In Training. Apparently they have coaches and the money that’s raised when people get sponsored to run goes toward the Leukemia Society. Will let you know what I find out!

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