Rain Run

When I left the house this morning, the air outside was misty, the ground was wet, the leaves were everywhere. I set off down the road and wondered where my feet would take me. I was grateful to be well enough to run, but I still looked down at my ankle for the entire first mile. I watched my sneakers hit the ground and only winced once, when I hit a crack in the road. After that, I felt steady and started to look around. It was a beautiful Fall morning!

The rainy road at the beginning of this morning's run.

I was wearing the Lulu pants with the DWR (Durable Water Protective) front that I mentioned in yesterday’s post, but I wondered if I should have worn regular tights, since it wasn’t raining all that much. I pondered that for a little while, but also thought I made a good choice with my Dash Long Sleeve and my run vest.  My black, 1/2 size too small Mizunos were the shoes of the day, since I figured it would be a short run (and I didn’t want to get my new sneakers all wet).

The Lululemon Outward Bound Pant. My go to wet and cold winter running pants. See how the front is DWR and the back is Luon? Love them!

I was feeling good and decided to run my favorite loop, which is mostly on side roads. I had to be careful to avoid the broken pavement in places, and when cars looked like they weren’t slowing down, I just jumped onto the grass to the left of the street. There was a lot of maneuvering and careful foot placement, so I just walked in those moments; better safe than sorry.

At about mile 2 I started to have fun and quit worrying about the sprain.  It noticed that the rain had picked up and I was glad that I had chosen the right pants. Little beads of water sat on the top of the fabric. I had taken off my glasses by now, because the beads were making it hard to see, and I readjusted my headband to cover more of my ears.

It started to pour. I kept thinking, over and over, that I should have brought the Flip. It was coming down hard, and huge drops of water were falling from my eyebrows. I started laughing out loud. Cars drove by and I imagined the people in their warm, dry cars making comments about the crazy running lady with the big smile on her face. I didn’t care. I was in the mode.

The rain came down even harder.  I saw a runner, up ahead, and I recognized her immediately; the fast lady who never smiles. I’ve been running past her for 4 years and she’s never even cracked one, not even a wave. I’m pretty sure the fast lady and I are about the same age, but besides her speed, I always notice what she’s wearing. This morning she was in her Outer Banks pale pink old school sweatshirt, regular sweatpants, and a big fleecy headband (she looked soaked). Running fashion is clearly not her thing, but it doesn’t hinder her performance. I usually wonder (while she’s flying by me) if she thinks, look at that girl in her fancy running clothes! I wonder if she thinks I’m less of a runner because I care about what I look like (and feel like) while pounding the pavement?

In the pouring rain with sheets coming down sideways, I raised my right hand to say, “Good Morning,”  as I always do. And it happened! She actually raised her hand and said, “Good Morning,” right back. She was smiling too. I felt so happy.

I kept thinking about the Flip, so I decided to forgo the last half mile of my loop (by now I’d run about 4 1/2) and ran home to get it. Hopefully the girls would be upstairs so I could grab it and head back out. No such luck, but I was still in and out in a flash. I tried to film a bit, but by now the rain had let up and I didn’t get anything great. I circled up the road and then back home.

Usually after a run, I sit to map, take of my shoes, roll down my pants (can you say plumber?), and drink some water. I was so soaked that instead, I ran upstairs, peeled out of the wet clothes and jumped in a hot shower.

I realized, as I stood there in the warmth, how lucky I am. I was able to run without pain and found joy on a wet (and some would say, “miserable,”) morning. The fast lady found joy too. I could tell. I wonder if she’ll ever smile at me again?

4 thoughts on “Rain Run

  1. HI! Thanks for commenting on my blog. The neighborhood you live in is gorgeous. What an awesome place to run. I look forward to reading your blog.

    I do like my compression tights. They’re good for after a really long run. You know the kind where you need an ice bath instead of just icing certain spots?
    I think they definitely help with recovery like the socks do. I just don’t find them very comfortable.
    I LIVE in compression sleeves though. I sleep in my zensahs every night and swear by them.

    The Gatorade Prime things taste great! There is berry and fruit punch. Just think of slightly thicker gatorade. Very convenient. Give them a try!

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