I Heart Yoga

Update to this morning’s post:

Lit the incense, put on the music and stretchy pants, got out the mats, and got down to business.

Yoga with kids is not the same as yoga alone, but it has different benefits.

I feel so much better, body and mind. My kids are happy and we had fun playing. I didn’t get any sort of flow going (kind of hard with little monsters wanting a hug mid stretch), but managed a sweat inducing bunch of sun salutations, a couple triangles, wide leg forward folds and some core cultivation. My focus is clearer and I’m ready to attack the day!

I Heart yoga.

Lost my incense holder, but sunglasses and the top of a water bottle worked out well.
Today's music choice, picked by Sophie.
Sophie getting into Happy Baby.
Grace walking the dog.
Opening the heart in Up Dog.
Yoga with kids leads to spontaneous hugging.

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