Cross Training Challenge

I haven’t run since last Wednesday; almost a week. I also haven’t done any other type of movement, which is a big mistake.

Inactivity is detrimental to my well-being. Our human bodies need movement, fresh blood pumping through the system, to keep us healthy and strong. Sometimes I forget, though, how exercise benefits my mind too.

Truth be told, I have lapsed into, “mommy eating,” the past two days and I feel a little down. I firmly believe that perception is reality. When the perception needs adjusting then,  just do it, the Nike way!

As soon as I hop off the computer and take the heat pack off my ankle, I’m going to throw on some gear. I think I’ll start on the yoga mat. My girls love to get out theirs, so we’ll light some incense, put on some music and play. When that gets old, I’ll put on either a Pilates or upper body video. I imagine that by this point I’ll be feeling warm and the fresh prana (blood flow, breathe and life energy in yogi terminology) will be flowing.

I already feel better just thinking about it! Gotta run (so to speak)!

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