Busy Monday

Some days there is just not enough time to do everything that needs to be done!

I drove the girls to school this morning and then had to go to a quick meeting way across town. I needed to go to the grocery store (we’re even out of peanut butter) and the bank (such Mommyland errands). Unfortunately, my ankle has been speaking to me all morning with little pings and crackles, and the swelling has not gone down as much as I’d like. I drove past the bank and the grocery store, parked in the driveway and limped to my desk to locate the number for my orthopedist’s office. He can see me Wednesday, which is great. The marathon is over 4 months away, so a few extra days off will be fine, and Dr. Kerner will give me good care and advice.  Last year he gave me the go ahead to run when I had a nagging toe injury that I thought would sideline me for weeks. One shot in the toe joint and I was good to go (believe me, nothing has ever felt so good). I’ll feel better knowing he has checked over the ankle and given me the go ahead. Plus, he’s a runner, so I like to hear what he has to say on that subject, too.

After the call, I psyched myself up to sit and write. The first draft I started was about all the great bloggers I’ve discovered over the past week. There is quite a community of writer’s who document all kinds of different and amazing things. I had no idea! I thought the only people blogging were Perez Hilton and my beautiful and talented friend Monica (she’s incredibly creative in so many ways)! I wanted to list the many that I’ve found, but there just isn’t enough time today. Soon, I will have to complete the list of so many inspiring people!

The next draft I started, began with a concept I’d been kicking around called, To All The Boys I Loved Before. It’s a running playlist that links my memories of said boys to the music that I listened to when I, um, loved them. It actually started pretty well, until I looked at the clock. The girls are getting out of school any minute and those songs (and those boys) need clear and careful explanation.

So here is a (probably) very boring post about my very busy Monday. Sometimes a mom’s got to be a mom first and a really good blogger later!

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