Too Soon for Writer’s Block

It’s been one week since I started the blog. I’m surprised at how inspired I am to write and to run. My little spill the other day has made it difficult to run, so that leaves me in a bit of a pickle. The blog is my attempt to document the marathon training, so what’s a blogging gal to do when the training isn’t happening?

I woke up this morning, not sure what to write about. Writer’s block already?

Instead of sitting at the computer, I went out into the garage with the girls and watched them ride their big girl bikes.

And there it was, the, “Aha moment,” I was waiting for. Maybe training isn’t actually only about running and cross training. Most training plans incorporate rest days and any good athlete knows how important resting the body is to avoid injury and aid in performance. Maybe my training plan must also include writing when there is nothing to write about, in order to help me focus on the long haul. What is the end result going to be?

I’ve already written about uncertainty and the difficulties that come with not knowing what the outcome will be. For me, this process is going to include writing, as a means to keep my eye on the ball.

Of course there’s stuff to write about. I must keep writing, even when not running, even with a swollen ankle, even with kids spilling apple juice in the vicinity of the laptop, on rest days and sick days. Writing is what is going to help me meet the challenge; probably the biggest personal challenge of my life.

Thank God I love to write!

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