The Uncertainty Principle

Sophie woke up at five complaining that her ear popped. Sure sign of an ear infection, which requires an early morning trip to the pediatrician.

Today is a rest day and I’m glad. I myself woke up feeling a little weary. I skyped with my sister Gabby last night and told her about my day. She worries that I’m pushing myself too much and doesn’t quite get the whole, “training for a marathon,” thing.  I hope she’s not right. I have a tendency to, “burn the candle at both ends,” but training for a marathon is supposed to be taxing, right? Especially living in Mommyland, right?

After our talk, I went back to look over my training plan and I’m pretty sure I need to adjust. I like the Hal Higdon Novice 1 because it seemed “do-able,” but Novice 2 looks closer to where I am.  Novice 2 bumps up the mileage about week 7, which is a concern because I’m trying hard to adhere to the 10% rule. This leads me back to Gabby’s question, “Am I pushing myself too much?” I’m in a quandary.

I think I’ll stay on target for the rest of this week. Tomorrow I’ll run 5, vinyasa yoga on Saturday, with Jen at Evolve Movement, and an 11 mile (long) run on Sunday. My weekly total will be 27. I’ll see how I feel on rest day Monday and then change-up the training plan if necessary.

Today I’ll take care of the girls, maybe do some laundry, eat right and try not to dwell on the uncertainty that comes along with this endeavor.

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