Raising Runners

Sophie in my sneakers. She was only about a year and half here. I love that she put them on unsolicited, and that our trusty old runner is in the background. I miss that thing, and having babies to put in it.

Some days I wonder if I’m being the best mom I can be. I won’t bore the world with the list of shortcomings (oh, there are many), but one thing I know that I’m doing right is proven by this photo.  Exercise is a part of life. I don’t expect my monsters to run marathons or become yoga instructors (although a yoga instructor in the family would surely come in handy), but they will know that exercise is just another thing we do, like eating or sleeping.  One of the most important lessons I learned when I worked as a fourth grade teacher is that kids learn by what is modeled for them. Do as I do, not do as I say. Now if only I could model that desert doesn’t need to be eaten daily, I could check another shortcoming off the list.

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